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Born in Poland in 1957 to actors family Monique decided to pursue art at the age of 14 when she painted her first oils. Still as a teenager, at 18, she left Poland on her own and moved to London, England. During the years 1980-1985 she lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she had numerous one person and group shows in Amsterdam and Den Haag. Neo-expressionism was her dominant style of work at the time.

In 1985 she moved to United States and lived in Norfolk, Virginia, where she had one person show in 1986 in Gallery Panache. In 1987 she moved to Los Angeles, California. In 1988 she had a transcendental experience which prompted her work to evolve into non-objective and non- referential. Her work was labeled as neo-constructivist by L.A. based art critic Peter Frank. She had one person and group shows in L.A.

In 1992, in a result of another, yet more powerful spiritual experience, she moved to Maui, Hawaii for 2 years, where she also painted. She kept her art studio in L.A. to come back to it in 1995.

She moved to Reno, Nevada in 1996 and in 1997 closed her L.A. studio. Avid skier, she received a patent for ski and snowboarding invention in 2006.

In 2009 Monique moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where she painted several large canvasses. She came back to Reno in 2014.

During her artistic career in the years 1980-1988 and 1996-2004 Monique also collaborated on various artistic projects, among others acting, singing and music recording and completed two full-feature movie scripts.

She lives in Reno, Virginia Foothills, and works from the studio in her house. Her main interest and occupation is her work on non-objective paintings. Monique has a daughter and two grand daughters who live in Poland.

Monique Rebelle is also  an author of an Amazon bestseller "Transcendence Calling - The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment" published in 2018. For more information about events connected with the content of the book visit



2021 July, August, September -  10 paintings in a group show in "Reno Fine Arts Collective" 200 S.Virginia St. Reno, Nevada.

2021-  June, July, August - One Person Show at CoffeeBar Bakery Truckee, California

2021 - June, July, August - One Person show at CoffeeBar, Truckee, California

2020 - February, one person show in Sierra Fine Arts Gallery in Reno NV

2019 - April May June, a group show. Art Indeed Fernley, NV

2019 - February Hub Coffee Roasters Reno, NV  

2019 - Untitled Art Gallery St. Louis, MO.

2018 - Intuit, Reno, NV

2017 Art Indeed Reno, NV

2016 - November 14th -December 30th "Nonobjective Dimension" "Metro" Gallery in Reno City Hall on One East First Street, Reno, Nevada.

2016 - October 27th - December 29th "Transcendence Live" One person show in "Art Indeed" Reno, Nevada

2016 - January "Nonobjective Dimension" One person show of 15 new paintings at Art Indeed! Gallery in Reno, 142 Bell street.

2015 - November - group show at Liberty Fine Arts Gallery in Reno

           June - Participation in a group show, 8 small paintings in Art Indeed! Gallery in Reno, Nevada.

1997 - Commission for a Santa Monica, California Chiropractic clinic "Still Point" filling the main wall of the clinic. Medicine Buddha subject.

1996 - Reproduction of one of the semi-abstract painting (“She”) in Architectural Digest. Commission for a gallery in Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood.

1995 - One person show in Writers' Guild in West Hollywood curated by Jeff Phillips.

One person show of semi-abstract and some non-objective work in Polish Embassy in Los Angeles.

1994 -The work consisting of 18 oil paintings mostly of a size 4'X4' was shown in Lancaster Museum of Modern Art. One person show. Curated by Alexander Toporowicz.

1993 - Nine paintings in a group show in Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks curated by Jeff Phillips.

1992 - Group show in Gallery L.A. Artcore curated by Peter Frank, later that year Kilkenny Castle Ireland group show.

1991 - Five non-objective paintings bought by a New York City collector/gallery owner.

1991 - 12 paintings shown in Directors' Guild on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood. Curated by Jeff Phillips.

1990 - Painting #22 published in "Artspace" and "Kunstforum" with an article about neo-constructivist art in America by Peter Frank.

1986 - One person show of small acrylic paintings in a gallery "Panache" in Norfolk, Virginia.

1995 - Interview and publishing of one of the paintings from the “Totalitarian” series in Dutch art magazine "Vinyl”.

1984 - One person show of abstract work in gallery "Jurka" Amsterdam. One of the paintings was purchased by the Royal Dutch Collection in Den Haag, Netherlands.

1982-1985 - Several group shows in Amsterdam and Den Haag.

1982 - One person show in Gallery "Jurka" Amsterdam.

1979 - First one person show in gallery "Stodola" in Warsaw, Poland.

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